Waxing physically and philosically...

After literally years of deliberation, and as a result of some delicate and some less delicate prodding, this blog is my effort to organize - to bring together - my thoughts about my work as a conductor and as a personal trainer, to rant and rave as necessary, to celebrate the little things and the larger moments of brilliance, and to share some conductive magic and life lessons gained through 'waxing physically and philosophically'.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Winds of Change

Ready for some stream of consciousness and random thoughts?  I figured I'd better warn you that this is going to be one of those blog postings...

The winds of change are blowing -- I can smell them, I can taste them, and my skin prickles with anticipation as the familiar winds gentle tug at me.  C'mon Lisa; let's go they whisper.  I feel like a happy dog with his head out the window of the car, catching so many different scents and sensations, looking and sniffing around, not quite sure where to look or what smell belongs to what.  Like a kid at an amusement park overstimulated and excited but not sure which ride to go on next.

So many of my big decisions in life, especially in my professional life, have been made by me being privileged enough to be able to act on amazing opportunities that have popped up at perfect times; volunteer here, go to school there, take a job here.  Over the past few years I have been more active in creating these opportunities for myself -- I love what I do, how can I create a work environment that works for me, this isn't working, try this, tell the universe what you want, give more than you've got, put it out there, and try not to be too surprised when once you've put it out there it seems to happen.  I said I feel like a happy dog with his head out the window -- I have had a very good few years out here on my own, working for myself, living the dream, a successful business, a diverse and rewarding practice.  I'm happy, I'm fulfilled, but I can smell these winds of change all around me, I can feel them teasingly messing my  hair as they mess with my mind.  And they've been blowing for a few months now.  C'mon Lisa; let's go.  Where? What? Why now, universe, I'm happy?

Some interesting and tempting job offers -- including an opportunity to work alongside AJ, an amazing conductor and friend whom I love and respect.  But the timing hasn't been right; the path hasn't been clear for me to grab these opportunities and run with them.

I've just had a few weeks off, a wilderness camping trip in the Canadian Rockies with my partner in crime AR, a few weeks at home with my family.  The plan was to come back with a plan for what next.  But AR, and the mountains, and my niece were all a bit distracting, AR in particular, who totally threw me off guard by proposing!  And now I've come back, and am trying to settle in but that wind of change is flirting with me.

There has been stuff and politics going on at the gym where I'm based and though it hasn't affected me directly I'm looking at other places where CE and my business (Transformations: Personal Training for Every Body) can better flourish.  As scheduled, the Enable Me research project will come to an end in December so I will have time to move in different directions.  I would like to remain allied and to work in support of Fighting Chance -- though they have shifted focus away from funding private intervention they remain committed to CE and their new ventures are nothing short of jaw droppingly awesome.  And the NDIS promises to radically reform the disability service industry in Australia.  And, an old comrade (JB - the manager who hired me to come out to Australia back in 2003) called to give me some important news -- CE run by conductors will be funded by the "Better Start Early Years" funding initiative -- seriously?!?! -- government funded CE in Australia?!?! totally out of the blue awesome again!  The entire document is worth reading but if your attention span prefers, the CE mention is on page 9:  http://www.fahcsia.gov.au/sa/disability/progserv/people/betterstart/Documents/operational_guidelines_spp.pdf

I only have vague understanding of the implications of these opportunities; I have ideas; I can see the forest but I'm one for counting the trees and the whole picture and the details are just not there yet.  And as patience is my missing virtue, it is hard to sit back and let things fall into place, especially when that wind is blowing; like I said, a happy dog, with his head out the window, sniffing out opportunities.  Like a kid at an amusement park, excited and overstimulated, ready to get off of this ride and onto the next but not patient enough to wait in line.  C'mon Lisa.  Let's go.

"This indecision's bugging me..."
--The Clash